Service & Download

  • Our company is not only owner-managed, but- we as the owner – also look after your projects and transports ourselves.
  • If required we offer you a “24/7” emergency mobile phone number to accompany your projects
  • With us you have a maximum of 2 permanent contacts for the individual support of your orders.
  • Green office: we have switched from paper-based file processing to digital – this protects the environment and is our small contribution to sustainable office life. Of course, we still work according to the latest security standards!
  • We are AEO F certified – we enjoy a special status as an authorised economic operator. That means you benefit from customs simplifications and that we are part of the secure supply chain.
  • We are specialised in the accredited (L/C) -compliant documents – & B/L creation – if required we also offer in-house training on this topic.
  • More flexibility through our own Bill of lading – we can create your B/L quickly and according to your wishes. We sign “as carrier” and our place of jurisdiction is here in
    Hamburg (and not somewhere in the world).